Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jumping on the bandwagon.

It seems that several councils are looking at implementing the Green parking permit scheme which was introduced in Richmond recently. Read here.

One comment of interest was that one council is considering providing free parking for electric cars whilst another is going to allow electric cars to be charged free at points throughout the borough.

Wow! That must be an excellent incentive to have a electric car as a second car. Only thing is that the council must be picking up the bill for this. So that means if you have a SUV or something not only are you paying double what you were before but you will also be paying people fuel costs for travelling.

Only in a socialist paradise can this sort of situation occur. To be honest I'd be out there with an electric car if they were doing that here. Could always dump the electrickery to cells at home and live off it. Would cut my CO2 bills as well as my road travel bills. Can't wait.

Of course if too many people do that then it will be stopped and then charges will be applied for charging and parking for all the electric cars. So you need to be first to get maximum benefits.

Some of these places will be raking it in. First there is a CO2 tax for flights which will be increasing all the time. Then there will be charges for parking in the holiday towns of the UK. People will be going to them to save the planet because they can't afford to fly but then they will get hit for driving across the UK.

It also says 'Red Ken' is going to up the tariff for his beloved congestion zone so that 'gas guzzlers' will be £25 per day.

Love it. Even us Brits are not that stupid that we will put up with all this forever. The revolution must be close now. Several years ago we had Citizen Smith calling for a revolution but it was clearly not the time. Wonder how many are prepping up now? Our government is clearly preparing with disarming the public, arming the police and putting in place it's surveillance society and supporting legislation. Must be getting close.


At 10:57 am, Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

The Bill of Rights, does permit the bearing of arms, although only if you are a protestant. Justice Laws, has said that the Bill of Rights cannot be repealed by any act of parliement. It is above the law.

But I agree we need to do something!

At 4:03 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Cool. I'll try and use that when I'm being pumped full of bullets by Blair's KGB. 'Tony says that it means they can't have their arms cut off no matter what the offence' 'Shoot im'

I remember reading something about that before somewhere else and how it may be a loophole but after you spent two years inside while they investigate your religion you have already served the sentence. Blair and his cronies has no interest in any rights. I'll have another look for that.

btw: Interesting blog you have.


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