Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wow! Reid must be salivating?

And I thought our guys were draconian on drinking. Read this. Picked it up from a blog I had not been to before called The Freeway to Serfdom.

Think of the impact this would have on people having to call at a cop shop twice a day for a test. How about if you went on business trips or whatever. Paying for these tests and the associate costs so you can keep your car. I don't drink yet I think this is way over the top for ordinary drink drivers. Maybe for the one or two that repeatably do it it could be justified but I would prefer to lock em up to make a point.

How soon before it gets transferred to drug use? Caught with a joint causes a visit to the cop shop for testing twice a day. Been done for speeding a tacho in your car which has to be checked twice a day.

This seems way over the top for me and must be an abuse of power.


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