Monday, January 29, 2007

What's happening to customer service?

I ordered a PCI wireless card from eBuyer a while ago and it was down as in stock, when they failed to deliver it with my order I got a note saying it was out of stock. Which was a pain because it was for my parents. They sent me an EMail saying they had split my order because of it. I had not heard anything for over a week so I went to see what the problem was.

The item was down as still on order and because they were behind delivery they had generously put me down as next day delivery at my cost though.

They have this system called eNotes where you get support for your transactions. Of course there was no category for this but there is a general so I sent in my complaint about the delay and additional cost.

Just got an Email in response. They are generously changing the postage rate to free postage. The item has now been discontinued though. So I have an outstanding order for a component that will never be sent but, in their generosity, I have free postage on it. Whoopie Do Dah.

As a final rub the item is still available on other sites although it is now an extra 33%.

eBuyer has dropped down my list. And it isn't the only firm I've dealt with over the last year where it's service has gone downhill. What is happening to service nowadays?


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