Thursday, January 25, 2007

Think of the Children. And this time it is for them.

The decision on whether Catholic adoption agencies will be able to opt out of gay discrimination laws is due next week. Read here. That will be an interesting time.

My understanding is that at the moment the church provides almost half the adoption service. The people that do so are either working for the Church or volunteers working for the Church. Volunteers of this sort tend to have a high moral code. Our government thinks it can simply make rules up and everybody will just conform to them despite their personal views.

This is the same government that required people to be vetted for school volunteer positions and yet found many just didn't bother.

Personally I am torn over whether a homosexual couple can be good foster parents. It doesn't sound right to me but I could be easily convinced that it is better than being in a home. However one thing I am certain about is that you should not force others to accept something they do not believe in. This is one area where homosexuals do tread with heavy boots and just don't care. They force their views on others and make them be accepted or else.

This case however is the first real test of the governments resolve. If it gives in now then there will be further exceptions in the future. If it doesn't give in then we, the public, better be ready for reading about how poorly our government is doing on this front when it is doing all of it. Of course it will also cost us more money as we will have to pay people to do it. People who have no real interest in it and who will just follow a set of every changing government rules.

The real losers though will be the children. Children who are already losers in life's lottery. They are the ones I feel sorry for.


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