Monday, January 22, 2007

And we thought the NHS was bad.

This poor guy had his penis cut off during his operation. Read here. Nope, it didn't start off as a sex change operation either although it ended half way there.

Now the two bits that made me smile was that with the compensation he is going to have one made from parts of his arm. he said "if I am even a quarter of the man I was, I will still be very content". The part I smiled about was that his penis was cut into three. So using his old organ he could have been 1/3 of the man he was. Wouldn't that have been better?

In addition, the court has decided that the doctor should pay the costs himself and not the insurance company. Other doctors are saying it sets a dangerous precedent because doctors may refuse to carry out operations for fear of making a mistake. Well my view is this is hardly a mistake and needs to have a slightly different punishment to discourage more of the same. A mistake is just that a slip, OK it could be down to carelessness but cutting a penis off and then cutting it into bits can hardly fit in the same category as a slip of the hand. If he never works again as a surgeon because he is scared of making the same 'mistake' then that is fine. I bet if his patients knew his history they would be slightly concerned about being out with him slicing away on them whilst they slept.


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