Wednesday, January 17, 2007

They got something right. Only the one thing mind.

It seems that in their way of targeting kerb crawlers in a bid to cut down on the prostitution issue Scotland intends to revoke driving licenses and increase fines to £1000. Read here.

Now in my view anything that drives this underground will only lead to more of what happened in Ipswich it will also make people too scared of going out where they might get caught and start looking for it closer to home. Perhaps among those that don't want to partake leading to a rise in rapes. In addition the prostitutes will have to change their ways to get the punters making it riskier for them. Nice to see that they don't mind a few losses while they force their morals on others.

Now they did get one thing right. They said "Prostitution is a complex and long-standing problem which cannot be resolved overnight. Legislation alone will not eliminate street prostitution."

Which they then proceeded to legislate on as is typical for politicians.


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