Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Public votes to pass their bills on to someone else.

Well it seems the public support the councils scheme to charge more for parking permits on 'gas guzzlers'. Read here. What a surprise. Of course it costs more to have a parking space for a Jag than it does a Ford so it's only right. Oh wait a minute?

It's just a way of offloading some of their costs on to others. They make savings while the owners of the 'Gas guzzlers' have to pay up to three times the cost of a standard car. That is a council standard car by the way which probably equates to a tricycle. The bands are on a sliding scale.

Can't wait until this precedent is transferred to other things and then the people with two cars are next on the list and on the highest bands. Then when it is based on emissions from MoTs rather than manufacturers figures. That will get the costs back to the general public.

Jeez, If I was NCP or one of the big Car Park franchises I would be on this like politicians on a new quango. Start charging for each car based on it's emissions. Let's face it most of these people have to go to work and have no choice. It's for the planet you know. Now what are NCP shares trading at now?

The council are playing them like fools and like the sheeple all over the country they listen to this propaganda and think we must do something. Let's force the people who have whatever. They are selfish. Until it hits them.

How much is going to be ripped off the public in green taxes before it hits home there is nothing they can do?


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