Friday, January 19, 2007

Roof repair day. Postponed.

Well, even though it was only a small hole in my roof, about 4' by 1', I went down to get the bits to fix it over the weekend. No such luck, the shop was the busiest I had ever seen it and they had to order my bits anyway. Seems I have a non standard garage roof. £55 and delivery on Monday. They will call me so I can pick it up. I bought some DPM (Whatever that is; I heard someone saying Damp so I'm guessing it is Damp Proofing Membrane, took me two hours to think of that) and threw it over the roof to keep the rain out. It was of course raining when I put it up. Locked down, *cough*, at either end with some bags of peat and sand.

If the weather is going to be like this more often.
1) I'll buy shares in B&Q and other home improvement places.
2) I'll get one of those wind turbines.
3) I'll buy myself a 4x4 and encourage everyone else to do so.

On the other hand.
1) The shares will fall through the floor when you have to pay tax on every home improvement.
2) It'll blow down on top of me and kill me and my entire family after failing to provide enough power to run my works laptop.
3) I'll pay a fortune in road tax even though I don't drive much.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

As an aside. The project I'm doing at work has been cancelled. The temporary solution I put in is so good that they don't want the full solution. It was only 5% of the cost as well. It's a long story. So I'll be back doing boring things for a while at this time of year. Budget's don't get approved until April so this is a quiet period. I should take advantage and get a new job. Everybody else seems to be. Last time I was going to do it I sent my CV to about three people. Got a couple of interviews and then I lost interest because I had a new project. If I decide to do anything I won't be looking anywhere near London though.


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