Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sins of the fathers.

I was reading this article about Germany wanting to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence across the EU. Read here.

Although I don't agree with it on the principle of free speech and things should be open for discussion. In fact everything needs to be able to be questioned to ensure the facts are right. People should be able to have their own views on things. Right or wrong that is what makes discussions interesting and we already have enough with this PC world that we can's say or do.

Anyway, I thought that in this wonderful EU where we are all subject to extradition and where in reality a blog read in Germany could lead to the extradition of someone from the UK to Germany and prosecution a EU wide ban would just be the Germans way of getting us to pay for the cost of prosecution. Making us pay for their views. In reality this sound very much like the principle of the EU but I digress.

Either way, they should stop exporting their guilt trip on the rest of us. If fact, they should revoked this crime in Germany and stop apologising for the crimes of their fathers.

Exactly the same as everyone should do for all our historical crimes. Slavery, the crusades, the list in endless for all those wanting to tap into our guilt. It's what we do now, ourselves that counts not what a distant relative did which was actually legal when he did it. Screw them all.


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