Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 should be an interesting year.

Well, well. It seems that things are happening all over the place.

The free and unfettered movement of people is becoming an issue even internally for a few countries. Read here about china and Hong Kong residency issues. If they can't even manage it correctly then what hope have we who have to consider criminals and those just out to abuse the system. Our immigration policy is useless to the requirements we now have.

Then it appears that we are starting to consider if all this free trade stuff is a good thing. Read here. A question asked by many people who have had jobs exported in the name of profit. It's a hot topic that can only get hotter with the relocation of companies to escape our tax black hole. The bills have to be paid but there are fewer who can pay.

We also have the situation where there is a real chance that the UK could be split up due to the inept manipulation of the situation by our beloved leaders. I reality they have bought politicians in Scotland by providing them a subsidy of £30 pw each and now the people paying that are fed up of the manipulation. Something will have to be done and whatever it is it will be to the detriment of the Labour party.

Iraq seems to be falling from the papers even though it still seems to be getting worse. Although now Saddams gone there is not much to talk about. The public sees just a bunch of Arabs killing each other and anyone that gets in the way again but our troops are coming out so who cares? The fiasco of the way we treat the armed forces is already forgotten by many of the public.

The terrorism issue also seems to be falling in prominence. All the proposals to restrict our freedoms and make us subservient to the state are all 2006. There are other things to worry about now. It's almost like it's over and relegated to history even though the process continues in Whitehall.

The corruption issues seem to be coming back with a vengeance. The Tanzanian issue as well as the BAESystems one. Blair's excuses seem to be kicked into touch almost as soon as they are out in the open. Although I have not heard about the loans for peerages for a while I have no doubt that things are progressing. But the Tanzanian and BAESystem issues have the capability to make it difficult for him around the world. The loans issue being UK internal issue.

The fiasco's that are the civil service. The NHS, DWP, Home Office's daily problems which we hear of are only the ones that are significant. How many lives are put into turmoil because of the inefficiencies in the civil service. Nobody has a good word to say about anyone in the management of these areas and it is starting to trickle down to the front line. The Police for one are held in low regard by a lot of citizens as they are seen as enforcers for the State and not on the side of the citizen. Not good news.

Interest rates and inflation have gone up. The economy is stagnating and many have overstretched themselves with debt. First homes are out of the reach of many people yet we have practically ceased building houses to cater for our growing population. Yet, when we do build them we don't put in the infrastructure and end up with hosepipe bans which are still in place during January. Shortsighted is too mild a word.

My particular favourite hate is the lies. The whole bunch come out with so many lies that nobody in the MSM picks up on and are repeated time after time and yet everybody knows they are false. It's almost like they get no feedback at all from any source. The belief that if you repeat a lie enough times seems to be one of their core beliefs. It's so bad that when they do tell the truth nobody will believe them. Assuming of course they tell the truth at some point.

Finally, the politics of envy seems to be coming to a rapid crunch time. The people who form the majority are finding that their income has been reduced by this government despite the much publicised welfare payments and they are actually worse off in real terms. Now they are all scrabbling around trying to offset their bills on those who they consider are better off than then, and can therefore afford it, such as the people who own 'Gas guzzlers' or fly all under the excuse of 'It's for the Planet'. Only the politicians, the civil servants and the long term unemployed are better off under this system. In reality all the same bunch of idle slackers just screwing around abusing the system.

It's all coming to the boil all at the same time at home and people are turning their attention away from external issues to things that hurt them personally. The longer Blair holds on so he can retire with something as his legacy the more likely it will just melt down right in front of him. He already has several items that will be his legacy. I can't think of one good one though.

Thinking about it, there are so many things that could be his legacy that I have no idea in reality what will be the one main thing he will have attached to his name. The jury is still out and we won't really know until he has gone. Jeez, he may even throw in some other item before he goes.

From day one they have played with peoples fear, hate and greed and made our entire society worse for it. We are now at the stage where we look upon with suspicion everyone we don't know. They could be a terrorist, a pedophile, a welfare cheat, a smoker in fact anything and we need to stop them. In fact stop them before they do anything. Let's put everybody on a control order who may do anything according to the government. If it even saves one life it will be worth it. What a philosophy to run a society on.

Whatever happens it looks like 2007 is going to be a good year. One that will see closure on a few outstanding issues and hopefully a new way forward.


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