Monday, January 29, 2007

Adoption revisited.

Now I've been thinking about this and having a look around. I'm wondering if this could be Labour shooting themselves badly in the foot. As I've said before when you start on a path, you talk generally and we all tend to agree on what is right and wrong without thinking too much on the implications to ourselves. However, when we get past the easy starters we start treading on ground that is not so safe.

I visited my pals mum before to fix her new DVD Recorder up and she had a visitor there while I was doing this. Being 153 they are getting closer to a one way trip so they are a little religious. They had clearly been talking about this gay adoption thing and neither of them were too happy about it. They made a couple of statements though that stuck in my mind. One way 'This is still a Christian country despite what has been going on' and 'If this was against Muslims no one would consider doing it' Both true. They were still going on when I left.

So it made me think from a different perspective. What if the Pope excommunicated Tony and Cherie? What if the church removed it's support for the many other charitable works it does with volunteers of conscience? Hell, what if it started to put it's weight and faith against the Labour party? There must be people who are looking at politics from a faith perspective already. And I always thought that these religious people were from across all the parties. Labour isn't exactly way out in front on the polls already. Of course Cameron has thrown his hat in the ring with this one as well in an attempt to push Tony into a corner. Could this reflect badly on him as well?

As an aside and something only someone like me could find funny I was looking though the BBC have your say site and came across this;

'As a lesbian in a long term stable relationship and with two children I thought I'd ask my eldest what he thought of this HYS - he is 16.
He read the posts and was amazed - 'why do so many people hate gay people ?' he asked. I asked him if he thought he was bullied or had been disadvantage by being bought up with two women he said 'Mum - you and XXXX are great and anyone who has a problem with it is just showing how ignorant they are' he went on to say if only people were tolerant and didnt teach their kids to hate people who are different in time there wouldn't BE any bullying.
By the way he's perfectly straight and starting to find out that girls are rather wonderful'

Now my thoughts ran all over the place. Maybe he would have been gay but was pushed into liking women by his 'moms'. Wonder how he will feel when he has to introduce his two 'moms' to his girlfriend parents? Poor bugger is only 16 and probably still thinks he is going to get a job, have plenty of money to spend and the world is all sweetness and light and those who are tolerant and kind get rewarded. To be honest probably being brought up by two lesbians isn't too bad must be much better than two ex-navies with tattoos. Now that I think a little more I'm coming around to letting lesbians adopt. Think of the experience with women this guy is going to pick up plus he will do all the right things, leave the toilet seat down and tidy up after himself. He will be quite a catch.


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