Sunday, December 24, 2006

We can expect a rise in crime soon.

What a surprise. Who would have guessed it the government is predicting a rise in crime. Read here.

Of course it's all to do with the economy. Nothing to do with the handling of the same economy for the last decade. The rich seem to be getting richer and the poor poorer. Can't work that out either, we have the minimum wage and nothing could have gone wrong there. We have the tax credits and welfare payments what can go wrong there. All this wealth redistribution and yet the gap widens. Makes no sense to me.

That is of course putting aside the fact that crime has been on the rise as far as I am concerned for the last few years. How anyone can create so many new laws without expecting to create criminals or can let people off with hardly any punishment for basic crimes and expect crime to be going down is beyond me. Hell, I believe everyone I know is breaking some law nowadays. Be it from exhaling in a racial manner, possession of some illegal weaponry such as a penknife, not filling their recycling bin correctly or some other 'serious' crime. Burglars, muggers etc. are just so 18th century crimes we can leave them to get on with it.

Maybe with this expected rise in crime, and if it is a government recognised rise then it will be a doosie, will bring back some of the liberties we have lost and perhaps we can also sort out what crimes should lead to a jail sentence and which shouldn't. Get rid of all the knee jerk legislation and get tough on those who break the basic laws.


At 4:07 pm, Blogger Nostrumdammit said...

I think that as this dismal year comes to it's rather sorry conclusion that we need to cease speaking of Blair's Legacy and begin declaring Blair's Lunacy.

A Merry Christmas to you Bag. I'm not too sure I have the confidence to wish you a Happy New Year, but I certainly hope we find some during 2007.


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