Sunday, December 24, 2006

What is going on in the MoD?

Yet another high ranking ex-MoD person has spoken out against the way we are running the armed forces. Read here.

I can't understand it. All these people working at the coalface and with decades of experience in the military are saying one thing and all the paper pushers in Whitehall with decades of experience pushing papers and balancing spreadsheets are saying another. It's a difficult choice and I'm torn who to believe.

Now they all want to have the latest toys and be involved in developing new technology. We know that but when money is limited they usually ensure it goes the right places first. It's usually the bureaucrats back in Whitehall who allocate the funds for political ends. So I'm slightly, only slightly, leaning towards listening to these people who are raising concerns. So many have come forward lately that it can hardly be written off as a few cranks.

Conclusion then is that everyone thinks we are spending the budgets in the wrong areas. Where is the review for the next 50 years on where we should be? I can see a need for several items but the only ones the MoD seem to be going ahead with are ones which nobody sees the need for but will be of political use. Is that the way to run our defence planning?

As before though it seems that the legacy Blair will leave behind will be with us for decades.


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