Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Being selfish.

Well it seems that I'm a bit of a selfish b4$^4&d. I use up all these carbon units and don't have a care in the world about what is going on outside my little world.

It seems that when I discuss green issues it doesn't matter what is said if you are not all for giving billions to our useless politicians and moving to caves to reduce emissions then you are selfish.

So I thought about this selfishly. I thought about what it would mean to me and mine in reality.

1) I earnam paid more than the average bear. I have a good well paid job.
2) My main base is three miles away from where I live. I could cycle or walk there easily.
3) The bulk of my traveling is on company business and I therefore get expenses. Soon this will include trips to the US. Not really any regular personal travel costs. I filled my tank two weeks ago and It's still over 3/4 full.
4) I have a reasonable mortgage and I could afford it if it doubled.
5) I have enough spare cash every month to live comfortably even if everything went up by over 50%.
6) My hobbies are inexpensive and what I spend I could cut back and still have a reasonable level of enjoyment.
7) My kids are still in full time education which means they don't have any expenses themselves. The school and college are within walking distance of about ten minutes. Only expenses are food, water and clothes.
8) My only real -ve is electrickery. I have several systems and toys at home and my bill is above average.

So, if I wanted to I could just sit back and wait for the proverbial to hit the fan. Many people before me will be hard hit by the increase in taxes. I'll just stock up on food, water and ammo and wait until the UK explodes. There will be many forced into action before my pips squeak.

I'll do what I can to encourage some +ve action. Can't just sit back.

To help this of course I would like to point out that we will move the poverty line up to cover a significantly larger percentage of the population and, the best bit, for no real benefit whatsoever. I've just seen an article where is says the UK's contribution is 2% of the worlds emissions. Even if we reduced our emissions to zero, nothing, nada, ziltch. China would make up the difference in two years.


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