Saturday, October 28, 2006

Public back calls for Police to do their jobs and keep their noses out.

It seems that despite our Police forces failings at doing their own jobs they feel like they can get involved in others jobs and comment on policy and support political calls for things like higher tax on alcohol. Read more here.

Now as many others have commented then all that will happen if this goes through is that people will switch to the cheaper stuff, steal it or even make their own. Then let's see the impact to our society when people are still binge drinking but cheaply and even more health issues. jeez, the poor all over the world get drunk on a daily basis. It will never be too expensive to make liquids that make people drunk. It will just become a tax avoidance issue.

In the meantime can our police spend more time worrying about policing and enforcing our laws and keep out of politics. Maybe, just maybe, they will get crime under control and we all feel safe and sound.


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