Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DNA DB revisited with a maths question.

It appears that we are all expected to register our DNA on the DNA DB. Of course it is voluntary but if we want to continue earning money, eating food and breathing it will be mandatory. So voluntary then according to our politicians.

Now, if I remember correctly, the chances of mismatch on the DNA DB is one in 10 million. In a country like the UK that means that six other people may have my DNA traits. In the meantime the population of the world is 7 billion. That means at least 700 other people have my DNA traits on average. Not a lot I'm sure you agree but more than enough to make you concerned.

So I'm at home playing with myself, as usual. Someone is murdered, raped, whatever by somebody who doesn't have a DNA record because (s)he is just visiting. A DNA match is made. The other six have real good alibis and witnesses. Ooops. Our foreign buddy is off like a shot.

If you have nothing to hide. Well I don't really. Nor do I feel any safer as the chance for justice gets further and further away as each bit of legislation is made.


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