Monday, October 30, 2006

A whole new ballgame.

The French Police are not having much luck with the rioters in Paris. They are geared up for the normal run of the mill French people who may use their trucks to protest and go on strike over their issues. Occasional Riots and burnings. People that riot and burn cars and buses and attack them en-mass on a daily basis are outside their experience and they have no real training for it.

Thus the title that French police are losing their battle. Read here.

It's not surprising really. Can you imagine the uproar if they shot a group of youths chasing them with iron bars and knives? However, it may soon come to that. It won't be long before a copper or innocent bystander is killed or seriously injured. Then things will take a different turn and we could be looking at scenes from the Lebanon in Europe.

Now what surprises me is that this situation seems to be so difficult for the authorities to grasp. Rioting youths and insurgents in Iraq. They have seen what we have difficulty handling and play up to it. Why are we not looking at a new strategy and some new tactics to deal with the situation? I bet some are now looking at the way the Chinese handle their dissidents and are wondering how to introduce that.

It's should be clear to everybody now bar our PC do-gooders and politicians that we have a major issue on our hands. Sorting out how to deal with the rioting is bad enough but to grasp the nettle and look at the underlying issues is something none of our politicians or PC do-gooders want to do. They don't want to face up to the answers.

It has already started in the UK and it can only get worse.

I think we can equate this situation to the human body. Over hundreds of years we have evolved and no longer have the capability to handle certain foods. Now we are being force fed this food and it is poisoning us as our immune system can't handle it. So we either eradicate the threat or we succumb to the poison.

The good news is that the French are getting it first. Maybe even our thick witted do-gooders and politicians will see what happens over there and finally get it before it is too late.

It's an invasion. Now there can be no doubt now and action needs to be taken. First step is identification and to admit we have an issue. A kind of AA for politicians. It's the difficult step admitting they have done wrong. Although to be honest it should not be so much of an issue because it isn't like it's the first time.


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