Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Halloween crime wave. What a joke.

They must be joking. It seems that our police are going to be out in force this Halloween. Not for serious crime fighting of course but instead to make sure that you don't get plagued by people knocking on your door and running away.

£80 fines, unmarked spotter cars, thousands of extra police. A real crime wave obviously occurs every Halloween and we have been missing it.

The sort of behavior can be knocking and running away from doors, ringing doorbells and running away. Jeez. Talk about basic kiddie games. Maybe it can go over the top but on Halloween. Must they spoil everything?

The best bit. PC Nick Stephens from Warwickshire Police told the BBC "Our concern is that Halloween is a time when young people are going to enjoy themselves". There was more but that says it all. Read more here.


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