Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Your papers please!

It's not far from the situation where we will need to show papers to get on a bus or train. Yet another survey shows that we now need to show ID on average 11 times a year estimated to increase to 17 in 2010. Read more here.

Looks like the cold war being over was a feint while the communists infiltrated us politically and introduced detention without charge, identity cards and summary executions.


At 5:02 pm, Blogger The Antagonist said...

Communism and Stalinism ain't the same thing. That they can be equated in some way is a common misconception that continues to be perpetuated to this day.

Stalinism has been described as being synonymous with totalitarianism, or a tyrannical regime. The term has been used to describe regimes that fight political dissent through violence, imprisonment, and killings.

Ref: Genoa, Seattle, J18, N30, G8, Walter Wolfgang, Bollocks to Blair t-shirts, Brian Haw, Jean Charles de Menezes, Forest Gate, the ongoing roundup of the brown guys and "please Mr Home Secretary can I wave a banner outside the People's Parliament?"

The ruling classes still exhibit the murdering modus operandi of Stalin, yet Stalin is portrayed as evil incarnate while 'our lot' are just doing it to spread freedom and democracy to those that never asked for it.

Freedom and democracy and a few more killin' an' destroyin' an' rebuildin' an' securifyin' contracts for the same old boys.



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