Monday, July 17, 2006

Is it just me that thinks this was a set up?

Reading the articles on Bush's 'unguarded' words to Blair. Everybody seems to think that it is all kosher because Bush used a naughty word. Despite the fact it would get him a £80 fine in the UK I suspect that these pair knew what they were doing. Every politician is aware of open mikes and these two ain't stupid. Well, not when it comes to PR anyway.

Nothing was said that put them in a bad light yet other people were put in a situation where they needed to show some action or be seen as uncooperative or ineffectual. Yet, it was delivered in a deniable way.

1) It nothing to do with us.
2) Israel is only defending itself from those terrorists.
3) It could stop if the terrorists just stop.
4) Isn't it about time the UN did something to stop these things.
5) We will do what we can to help.

All reasonable and above board. Not what I would expect from Bush or Blair with their kill them all attitude. Maybe I'm just too suspicious.

Read the story here.


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