Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We are getting it wrong. Everything is under control.

New figures apparently show that crime is increasing and the home office has been dealt a blow because of these figures. Read more here.

Now we all know that this gives a false impression. Crime is in fact falling. The reason for the increase in figures is due to new reporting. All violent crimes are now counted. Baby's kicking mums before birth is now a crime, kids being kissed by parents when they fall, telling a child 'No', the terrible twos is a recognised trouble area that needs dealing with. All these are crimes which are now recorded. As the next stage in dealing with these crimes we are targeting the under twos identified by social workers and nurses with a view to resolving the problems. £12.50 has been put aside for a new playpen for each town.

I feel safer already. Everything is being brought under control. Those toddlers were making my life hell. Little rascals smoking, drinking, breathing and stabbing people. Won't be long before they are all locked up.


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