Friday, July 21, 2006

On your moral NZ high horse.

I was reading this article about a New Zealand Policewoman who has a second job as a prostitute. Now prostitution is legal in NZ and so you wouldn't think this is a problem. But of course it is. Seems she has to have counselling and is put under pressure because of this job.

Now the bit I found funny was clearly they are grasping at straws to put pressure on her. Apparently, this job leaves her open to extortion as prostitution is still managed by organised crime. What a load of rubbish. How is that going to happen? They can't blackmail her because it seems everyone knows. What other pressure can they apply that could not be applied to another other police officer? Why is she not trusted any more than others who access information and protect criminals under the cover of the badge?

I love the comment from Ron Mark, the law and order spokesman for the New Zealand First political party "I know a hell of a lot of police officers who struggle with the cost of living in Auckland but they don't all rush out and become prostitutes,". I agree. Most just take bribes so they don't seem to have a second job. What is worse a legal tax paying job or someone abusing their position? I think he knows which one he is concerned about.

We are all prostitutes in a way. I sell my body to my employer for several hours at a time and they use it to make money. Some people put up with their sweaty boorish husbands as they provide a roof over their heads and food on the table at a slightly higher standard of living than they could do on their own. Others want companionship. Blokes pay for sex through prostitution or through marriage. One means you pay for a long time the other means moralistic b4$^4&ds make you feel guilty. Either way you are screwed twice.

Read the story here.


At 10:57 am, Blogger john said...

It seems there is truth in your assertion that police do have 'other lives'


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