Saturday, September 24, 2005

Very flimsy evidence. 15 years and he was lucky.

The are really serious about this terror law. On, IMO, very flimsy evidence, this guy has been jailed for 15 years. His sentence apparently was limited by the current limits of sentencing. Bliar will get that fixed in a jiffy.
I was curious to note that there must be hundreds of people in this country with instructions to set up a mortar and Al Qaeda tapes downloaded off the internet. The secret code is also interesting as I bet a few paranoid people have hidden phone numbers like this. Traces of explosives were in his socks but no explosives.

It seems it was all to do with the number of things against him. Each one could be answered with a valid comment but together raised doubt to a higher level and he was found guilty.

Personally, there was a few things there that if true would tend me to think he was guilty but were they proven? Probably not.

Better build some more jails just for these guys over the next few years as if this level of evidence is acceptable now it will surely drop and catch more fish. You would think in the UK you needed real proof before a fifteen year jail sentence. Real, proven, criminals don't get that much.


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