Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Discussion with two Canadians on Bush and Bliar.

Last night while I was having a meal in the restaurant in my hotel I was watching the Iraqi situation while they showed a Warrior armoured vehicle burning and troop evacuating. I was the only one in the room and it was just passing the time between courses. Just then two people came in and sat down in my line of sight to the TV. When they realised they apologised and offered to move. I said not to bother as I was just passing the time watching the updates. During the conversation I detected American accents so asked them where they were from. Canada they said. Oops. I apologised for thinking they were American but they were OK about it and we ended up discussing Bush and Bliar. They could not understand how Bliar and John Howard fell for the story put out by Bush. Unfortunately for them I have an opinion on that which we discussed. One thing they did say was that most of their friends felt that Bush would get his own back on Canadians because they have not backed him on a few America-Canadian initiatives. The only thing that may save the retribution is that Bush may have his hands full with the fallout from Katrina. They had nothing but +ve things to say about Clinton and the American people and even had friends in New Orleans who were thankfully safe having left there under their own power but had nevertheless lost everything they did not take with them. A very friendly couple and I had a nice time talking to them.


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