Saturday, September 24, 2005

Escaping jail seems to be a crime in Iraq. Did we know that?

It's times like this you can find out who supports who and it also bring out the fence sitters. An Iraqi judge has raised a warrent for the two British soldiers broken out of jail.

I've read a little bit more on this issue since the prison breakout. It does raise some interesting question.

Why were undercover troops out with explosives?
Why did they try to run a roadblock?
Why did they fire at Iraqi civilians and police?
How are we able to break down an Iraqi jail and nobody seems to think it is wrong?
Why does a warrant from a Iraqi judge have no legal basis?
How can anyone say this does not impact on our relationship?

Looks like Basra will soon be like Baghdad. Our troop casualties are going to start increasing and the civilian support will drop. Something needs to be done quick. Bliar's and Bush's legacy is starting to take shape now. It would be funny if so many people had not died to get to it.


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