Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tesco's. A Data Protection Nightmare.

Have been reading about Tesco's database. Which incidently appears to have disappeared from the BBC website. Mmm.

This sort of database just goes to show how badly thought out the data protection act is. I've always thought it was ridiculous that you have to pay to check your own record. Some companies have multiple databases and it cost you to check each one and now it appears it will allow a company to hold data on you when you may never have used their services. This data will never be checked by you unless you pay them a fee and even then it may never be corrected.

I think we need to have more control over what is held about us. I think we should be entitled to free access to the data plus some power to make sure the records are accurate. The onus should be on the companies to inform people they have been added to the database and supply the data held to ensure it is acceptable.

There is something wrong with the way we allow massive companies to get away with this sort of thing.


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