Thursday, September 22, 2005

Instant Justice. Sorry, Instant punishment with no Justice.

While looking for the Tesco link I came across this proposal from the guys who already dole out instant executions. The guy who runs the Met wants to give his officers Judge Dredd instant justice capabilities. Wonder how much justice there will be considering it was his guys that executed an innocent man. Maybe that was the trial for these new draconian powers. It may be OK as if I remember OK didn't Judge Dredd jail an innocent man and himself get jailed wrongly. Plus, didn't the entire force almost get wiped out by a corrupt cop. Maybe Ian Blair, is it the name or what?, should watch the film and not just go on the comics where Dredd probably got it right from very flimsy evidence. Sorry, I watched the film years ago and have never read the comics.

Back to reality though. What is proposed is that selected police officers can take someone's driving license or car while we wait for them to go to court. Wonder what the compensation is for loss of transport privileges, now it is clearly a privilege, for a couple months until they are found not guilty.

The slop is getting steeper. Good news is that this could be an indicator the Blair is on his way out. Stop cheering! I meant Ian Blair the Met chief.


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