Thursday, September 22, 2005

Works in Theory. It's that pesky real world stuff.

Seems like Bliars clampdown on truancy isn't going too well. Read about it here. His other target of increasing the number state students going to university has also fallen. Read about that here. Looks like forcing policy on people doesn't seem to work. That does not fit in with Bliars view. He makes laws and policy to force certain actions without thinking of the long term impact. This seems standard for almost all of his policies. Now I've heard some of the alternatives offered and I'm not convinced that they would be any better but there are others not considered and others not even thought of which would be worthwhile trying.

The only thing with things like education is; a) You only get one chance and b) Lives get screwed over by these changes and c) Our society is geared up to the lowest denominator which removes incentive.

In short this sort of thing is something that should not be done lightly. Yet, it is fiddled with on a regular basis. Truancy levels up, Pass rates up, still can't read or write. Mmm! Employers don't trust the qualifications coming from education, Students can't do basic Maths and English but have qualifications. What is going on?

I, yet again, think we need a total review of our system. Let's get rid of the 'deferred passes' and the like, quotas for entry to higher education, paying students to attend school. Let's get back to basics and make our education system something to be proud of.


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