Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One Man's Terrorist...

I like this sort of reporting from the emasculated BBC. Read here. I must confess I went looking for this after listening to the news, not the BBC by the way. It seems that the UN Security Council, of which the UK and US are members and some of the rest hangers on have accepted Auntie Bliars Terrorist proposal. Other minds, i.e. the rest of the UN can't agree with the wording. Oh Dear! It seems one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Think Nelson Mandela, the US leaders 200 years ago and others. Saner minds are concerned that these rules will be used to prosecute them in the future and potentially justify invasion and kidnap.

So no real backing on terror until we can define it to everyone's satisfaction. Bet the US will still manage to slip out from under it's rules.


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