Friday, September 09, 2005

All action but very little planning seems to be the PR game.

Seem that our politicians are doing their bit for some new votes. Read this article on the UK paying for vaccines for the rest of world.

Now, correct me if I am wrong but taxpayers in the UK will be paying for this. These same taxpayers that can't get ops in the UK because there is not enough money. What about making sure we are OK first? Billions are given to charities by those that can afford it in the UK and a lot of it is wasted. Now make the assumption this is efficient. Don't laugh!, Just give it a thought. Now we end up with another few tens of millions who now can't feed themselves and will have more children. It's been beyond a joke for a few years now what is happening in the world. Plus, this is not the first time our Government is spending our money to make themselves look caring. Surely the point of Government is to take our money to pay for common services as we want. Not to spend as they see fit. Plus, they are borrowing this money. That means that over the next ten years we will still be paying it back.

We either need a good plan to do this sort of work which doesn't involve leaving our own people in the cold and in debt and involves reducing bureaucracy or we should stop these half baked ideas and let them get on with it.

Politicians should not be allowed to get involved with these things. They turn everything into plus points for them. It needs to be an immediate vote winner or it doesn't even start and if you can put off paying for it to someone else in the future, then that is a bonus.


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