Monday, September 12, 2005

BNP's impounded paperwork.

Just noticed this in the news. It's interesting on two points.

1) So much for free speech. No known law broken but there may be one so lets impound them. Why didn't they just read one? Oh, I forgot. We are filling our front line with thugs and most of them probably can't read. We are getting used to this sort of thing now and the feeling is that it's only those nasty BNP people who it impacts so who cares? Nobody thinks it will ever be them.

2) I thought the BNP was all to do with Britain. So why were they farming work out to Slovakia? I bet there are a few red faces now. Normally,l nobody knows where these things come from but now it's all public. I'm sure it will be made political capital and will keep us amused for a couple of days.


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