Sunday, September 18, 2005

Difference in reporting between the US and the UK and not in our favour.

Well, Well, seems like the BBC is up to it's old tricks again.

During Katrina I was jumping back and forward between the BBC and US sites and it was interesting to see the difference. In the UK it was talking about Katrina being the worst in the US and people were pouring out of the city. In the US it was talking about 10K+ dead and horror stories about people drowning, rapes and looting. In the UK the rescue was going well with airlifts and food convoys. In the US it was airlifts being sporadic and pilots told not to pick people up and convoys held outside the city. In the UK it was reported plans were in place and everything was going according to plan. In the US it was there was no viable plan and no leadership to manage the chaos. In the UK the response was being looked at to see how it could be improved and in the US it was calling for Bush and his hand picked minions to be sacked.

I though the UK was being very careful and trying to be impartial but not reporting fully what was going on because it didn't want to be seen as Anti US. Bliar's best pal.

Now there has been comments that the BBC World Services was critical of Bush. Story here. Although, and this is a good bit, Ex president Bill Clinton said 'nothing factually inaccurate' was in the report but 'it was designed "almost exclusively" to criticise the Bush administration's response to the crisis'. Plus everyone was now Anti US and/or jealous of the US. Now, we all know who selective story telling can flavour a story but in this case it being aligned with most of the US press I am wondering if the writer was not a US citizen or an independent US consultant. Who will likely be sacked or persona non grata once Bliar puts the pressure on.
So bottom line. The BBC we were watching was toeing the line but our World services was reflecting the news from the US. Which one was right I wonder?

It now looks like Bush had saved over nine thousand lives personally. Based on reports of 10K dead initially. Now it appears there are less than a thousand since Bush came in. Go Bush Go! What a great job you are doing.


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