Sunday, September 04, 2005

DVD Recorders and how High Tech is too much for us.

Now, I don't watch a lot of TV just a couple of shows, Stargate, both SG1 and Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. Three hours a week top and only in their season. However, I do watch a few films probably about half a dozen a month. The rest of the time we have Kerrang or MTV on depending on who is in for background music. So it was a bit of a surprise when I bought myself one of those snazzy DVD recorders which replaces your video recorder and records all your favourite TV programmes. I'm really impressed with it. For a start it has a 160Gb HD which can store up to 200+ hours of video at it's lowest quality. The default quality is 70+ hours. I've tried recording using all the different quality settings and can't tell the difference. Still leave it on standard as default though. I've spent the last two days transferring my home videos on to DVD. Still lots to go. A very easy process and, to be honest, the straw that broke my resolve of not getting one until they were down below £100. So all and all I'm pleased with my purchase.

Now, one thing I noticed when I was looking at microwaves, that's the reason I was in the shop, and the DVD's, Videos etc. Is that all the high tech goods such as the DVD recorder were from the Far East and the low tech stuff, like the microwave and washing machines were all European. Do we not do any high tech stuff nowadays? It's doesn't look like it. All our jobs nowadays are outsourced and we have become a nation of managers or shop assistants. We don't make anything now. Is surely must be a reflection on us as a people? We used to do this so well. Why are there so few businesses in this area? I just don't understand the logic.


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