Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, how these words ring so true.

It seems the BBC are reporting Gordo's statements in such a way that their headline actually says what most of us think about his policies anyway. The article is about Gordo making unpopular decisions to get through the global credit crunch.

Maybe it is just me but I read the words 'Brown says he will not be diverted from taking "unpopular" decisions to ensure Britain gets through the global credit crunch' in a similar way to a dictator not being diverted from spending his time making unpopular decisions such as 42 days detention and id cards and spend any time on working on getting Britain through the global credit crunch.

It's the phrasing. I've obviously worked with too many sneaky managers and listened to politicians that you have to analyse their very words literally. That and the fact they are careful liars anyway makes their exact words important.

So Gordo, if it is a priority why are we still screwing around with things that are not helping the economy and forcing green taxes, reducing freedoms making it difficult to travel and reducing our free money. If, of course, you are actually interested in fixing the economy.

Mmmmm. Thought not. B45^4rd.


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