Saturday, April 12, 2008

How do you have your cake and eat it?

Well you have to work for the government of course. It was obvious wasn't it.

Here they have been arguing with M&S for 20 years and charging them VAT on an item that was not applicable to VAT. Of course they now do not want to pay it back to M&S as it would unjustly enrich them. You have just got to laugh. You can be sure if M&S had failed to pay the VAT on something they would not have a moments hesitation in putting in a bill for M&S to pay. It's theft plain and simple and it appears M&S knew VAT was not applicable but HMRC didn't have the intellectual capability to work it out. So they win either way doesn't matter.

Same with the edict that our troops have human rights. What a surprise. It seems that the laws that every employer in the UK has to meet and sometimes ridiculous claims generate big awards also applies to the MoD. Read here where our Defence secretary tries to play it down. Now will we see any of these guys prosecuted for putting our troops in harms way with proper equipment and some died. No takers? What a surprise. it seems that whilst employers can do everything possible yet still fall foul of these laws our government can do less than is morally acceptable and yet be immune.

Let's look on the bright side. Won't someone take them to the EU courts? I love to see this stuff all over the worldwide news. May even drive Gordo to a heart attack yet.


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