Sunday, March 02, 2008

Politicians are so much like children.

When my kids were younger they used to get involved with arguments with other kids. This was before the days SO19 got involved in playground squabbles though so we were able to keep the kids from having criminal records. However it was not easy. The wife, at the time, was all for going round to Johnny's house and giving his parents a piece of her mind. (At the time that was dangerous. She didn't have much to spare and I thought it may impact on her autonomic nervous system. Such is life.)

I have always been of the believe that unless the incident was so bad that it necessitated adult intervention then best left for the kids to sort out with advice if necessary. The reason being is that experience showed the adults argued, fell out and the next day the kids were best friends again but the adults were not. Sometimes for years. Everyone thinks their kid is an angel.

Now it seems that it's pretty much the same with politics. I see this being that start of a middle east summit where many countries band together and set up their own MEU (Middle east Union) based around the EU model but based on a Caliphate ideal and not socialism. That won't be good for the West but at the moment tribalism is preventing it. With the thoughts of Iraq in everyone in the ME I wonder if unwittingly we have provided the incentive for this to start with our threats against Iran.

The good news it will be a while before the countries agree on the power structure. The bad news is that already Imams have powers in other countries so they seem to be the ones who could take the lead. That also is not good. We already know how these religious fanatics think.

Time to give the nukes a little polish and check they are all tickity boom. Sorry, tickity boo.


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