Thursday, March 06, 2008

No prosecution for Wendy.

Now it looks like Wendy Alexander has gotten away with it no case to answer for her undeclared donors. Read here.

It's only fair. Blair didn't have to pay for his crimes, Hain seems covered for his and the MEPs are covering up theirs so I don't understand why we should consider throwing poor Wendy to the wolves. Her crimes, in this case, are insignificant to what these others got away with. Blair in particular.

Next think you know we will be looking at holding our little darlings liable for the promises they make at election time. Brown got away with it in his own courts. Let's see how well they do when the law is not bent as much as they are.

The topic of conversation today was the result of the EU referendum voting. OK, we still had a couple of people saying that was what we paid MPs to do for us but by far the majority including people who are labour supporters were annoyed about the decision. Laughably I think there were more than a few who wouldn't have voted yet they were upset about losing the chance to ignore the voting. Some people.

The temperature in the pot just went up a few more degrees the more volatile among us can't be far from bubbling. Although to be honest I have thought this before but we must be higher up the mountain than I think as the pressure is so low.

Wait till the labour recession hits and see if that makes a difference.


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