Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let us pray.

Well it seems that our traitors in the government have won the right to be the only ones to decide about the ConstitutionLisbon Treaty. Despite there being widespread calls for a referendum from the public. Read here. Although in reality this is going to be the same vote. After all, all those that voted to deprive us of a vote only did so because they didn't want us voting against it. So that it is clearly going to be passed by a similar margin. What a bunch we have as our political class. Some democracy this is.

Now I would imagine this will not go down well for the May elections but what do this lot care? The local council elections have often been seen as a popularity contest anyway and Gordo and his band of traitors will have done the deed before they are up for election again. In addition the UK general public are so stupid that by the time we get around to voting for them there will still be areas that will still vote these guys in.

I can only say to the people that votes these clowns in that I wish you would shut up about how much tax you pay and how difficult it is to live nowadays. The cost of fuel, council tax and everyday living expenses. This is your fault. This is what you wanted. You voted them in and now we are all paying.

Now as far as I can see the only option now is to try and replace enough of the traitors with politicians with a backbone. We know who they are. Now I know that is a tall order but if some of them accidentally died then they would need an election to replace them. Although thinking about it we probably couldn't find enough politicians with backbones to fill one of those Smart Cars. What we need is younger politicians who actually might believe that the voters would remember what they voted for and actually don't want to jeopardise a career.

So I propose that we all put our hands together and pray that every one of those who voted that the general public do not have a vote of the ConstitutionLisbon Treaty die painfully but quickly of some horrific disease and that they catch MRSA if they go near a NHS hospital. That would be a fitting end.

Now I've tested this praying theory before and it didn't work. Blair is still alive. But from what I can see there should be more of us praying for this. Even some of the dozy labour supporters want a referendum. So with all the +ve thinking going into this maybe some all powerful being will come along and do something because of the strength of feeling which will permeate the void for several million parsecs.


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