Sunday, March 09, 2008

More gesture politics.

It seems Darling is going to be targeting high CO2 generating cars in the next budget. Read here.

Of course we don't know what that means but it usually involves more money into the treasury on road tax.

Years ago I used to think that these guys just don't get it. Another £100 on the rip off that is road tax for high performance cars is meaningless. When I had my BMW 535, best car I ever had btw, I was paying £250 per tyre for new tyres. £300 for a full service and a fortune every week on juice to keep it going. An extra £100 or so was insignificant in the yearly costs of the thing.

Now of course I am more realistic. I know that it is a way to increase taxes without too many complaints. the users will just pay up and the rest of the population will agree it is a job well done.

So now as well as the road tax in their search for more funds they are now looking at a purchase tax. So an extra £2K on a £60K car is going to make how much difference again? Of course it won't. It'll be paid. the plebs will be happy that the guvmint is doing something to these selfish drivers and nobody will really complain.

Expect big increases in booze and cancer sticks as well as car users. So business as usual then in this budget.


At 8:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's an easy way round this.

Buy a car on the continent.

At 12:18 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Or you could just steal one. Savings on road tax, MOT, etc. as well.

I'm getting more convinced the only way to get on in the UK is to have at least some sort of sideline in crime.


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