Monday, March 17, 2008

Why do we still fund the Police indirectly?

I was reading this latest article about the police getting stuck into removing all our rights and freedoms. Read here about the latest plan for a DNA DB of our children as an example. Now I don't want to go on about this as several, more literate bloggers such as Longrider and Mr E, have already done so.

As our police are no longer even interested in chasing burglars and car thieves, unless they speed away of course, but instead put their might behind creating new, easier, work for themselves such as using SO19 to raid a classroom for some kid that may in the future be a speeding driver and forcibly take his DNA then why am I still paying for these useless gits in my council tax? I just got this years council tax through and plain as day it says police, significantly more than those nice fireman, and the firemen come when I want and don't terrorise me every time I am out of the house.

Why can't we fund the police from the fines they get back from speeding, parking and even the more heinous throwing a apple core out of a car? Why do we have to fund them indirectly when in reality we no longer get a service from them at all?

And if we accept that we don't actually get a service from them at all then why is it that they have the privileged position of being the only providers of serf persecution. We could have several companies driving the streets with their centrally validated cameras and providing more jobs. Councils would then have several competing companies to subcontract the DNA removal of any schoolchildren and, if fact, all types of serf persecution could be handled the same way. It would also be self funding. We could reduce our council tax and put the costs where they belong with the motorists sorry criminals.

Now, I hear you say, what about things like murders, GBH and assaults? Well, I had thought of that. By putting a levy on the suppliers we have just created we can fund that from there. Then our only real police services can be handled that way and funded by real criminals and not just the public at large. Our insurance numbers can be created by a web site specifically designed for that purpose and that covers the other 75% of modern policing. Perfect.


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