Friday, September 14, 2007

A lesson to learn.

It seems that Iraq has failed 50% of the benchmarks set by the US. They set 18 benchmarks for political and military progress and only 9 of them have been achieved. Read here. Although it is improving as they are one up from where they were in July.

Some valuable lessons are here just waiting to be learnt.

1) They need to set easier targets. They should have followed the examples set down by the UK who's targets are so soft that they are easily achieve able even if nobody actually was there.

2) The targets can be revised. If it looks like one could be failing it needs to be adjusted. Bit like the doomsayers do with Global Warming errr Cooling ... Whatever it is this week.

3) If all else fails just lie about it like our government does with education, health and err... well everything.

These yanks have a lot to learn. Telling the truth sure creates problems for them.


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