Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This must put paid to an early election.

It seems that the unions are now going forward with industrial action over public sector wages. Read here.

This must be a bit of a blow from Gordo as he knows that the piggy bank is empty and the punters don't want to put more in. With the wheels coming off the economy he knows that if he caves in and pays them then people will be very unhappy. The rise of the unions will be apparent for all to see.

Luckily still over 50% of the population is not scrounging off the rest. As long as at least 10% of the private sector are not Labour supporters then there is a chance.

Surely wont be long before the Tories drop their camouflage in the guise of that useless git Cameron and bring out a real contender. Someone actually with policies and not PR gimmicks.

Fingers crossed. Although with the state of politics I'm starting to believe that Cameron is not a front for a realistic Tory leader but actually what the Tories think is a good leader. God help us all.


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