Thursday, September 06, 2007

Improving the performance of the Police.

When I first read this article I just smiled. It is about the police being issued with, basically, ticket machines. Read here. Good luck with that I thought. They were trialled by BTP, our railway police, wow, and the motorway patrol guys. Both have an emphasis on writing tickets and nothing else.

Then I thought a little bit more. It probably will improve the performance of our police force. No longer do they actually get criminals and go plodding around they just issue tickets now. Speeding, parking, drunk and disorderly, too noisy, too quiet, etc. these machines will make sure all the boxes are ticked and they will soon be reeling them out at a tremendous rate of knots. It will even tell them when they can pack up because they will have made their quota.

Sadly, not a police force I would have wanted to see. But it seems that it is here to stay.


At 9:26 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

We see this here in South Australia. Increased fines and quotas. Tell me that is about changing behaviour and discouraging bad behaviour. No it has to be revenue raising.

Many of the police here come from the UK, so they will be well trained.


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