Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Got to laugh.

It seems that one of our chief constables has had some stuff stolen from his car. Read here. It's understandable though he lives in a wild and lawless part of the world. England.

I wonder how many coppers were round that crime scene with their crime scene tools.

I also wonder if he is aware of the literature, which is all, besides speeding tickets, that we get out of these people, that specifically say don't leave items in your cars. Perhaps he needs to catch up with what his guys are telling punters every day of their lives. 'Here is a crime number sir, please report it to your insurance company and don't leave stuff in your car in future.' I bet his men are all having a good laugh now it's in the papers.

And if we believe that only stuff of a personal nature was stolen we will believe anything. Who takes personal stuff to work in a briefcase and then leaves it in a car?


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