Sunday, September 16, 2007

How easy we accept things.

I was browsing through the ASI blog earlier and came across this article on the impact of Gordos complex tax grabbing rules. It refers to an briefing paper by Dr Madsen Pirie.

The main thrust of the article was "The UK tax system is well beyond the point at which complexity itself imposes costs and disincentives". true enough yet another article about it. Nothing new. calling for simplification and reduction in red tape.

Then I read this '....making clear the duties of citizenship and allowing individuals to feel they are partners with, not servants of, government'

Partners Eh! I thought they were civil servants. We are the masters and them the servants. or so I thought anyway. It's clear they are not servants and they have not been civil to us for some time. The quoted article admits that the current situation is that the government is now the master and we it's slaves and suggests, not even demands, that we are graciously allowed to think we are it's partners. Not even to be it's partners just think we are.

It's a bit much when a statement like that doesn't even get raised as a point by the ASI. It's clearly become so accepted that they didn't see anything wrong in it.


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