Wednesday, July 04, 2007

MI5 stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Our security services are coming under fire in the papers after it emerges that some of the terrorists arrested were known to MI5. Read here.

Well what a surprise. The security services have tabs on tens of thousands of these plus undoubtedly people like us to monitor as well. So it's unlikely that they would not have the names of any of these loonies on file.

This is the problem that we will always have when we cast a net so wide it captures everything. We just cannot process the information fast enough for it to actually be any good. Information overload. A failure with many systems not just this one.

Of course our useless government would press to enable everyone picked up in this trawl to be held incommunicado until they can investigate them all. Useless bunch that they are.

Personally I think we need to let these guys get on with what they are doing and get the politicians off their backs. The politicians don't add anything, in fact, we know they screw things up. MI5 need to use their experience and knowledge to target the real suspects and narrow the catch down to those who really are potential terrorists. Get rid of the PC shackles that are in place to let them profile and target the people they want to. All within the law already but there may still be funding issues which need looked at

Of course now Gordo is PM he won't want them to spend so much. He certainly won't want to increase it any. lol. Sorry mate, Blair left you in the lurch the same as he did with everyone else on this island while he swans off. Don't worry though. His time will come.


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