Monday, July 02, 2007

Behind the curve.

Now I'm bit behind the curve on the attacks with my play time.

But from what I understand there have been three attempts at terrorist attacks. Two car bombs in London and a car fire in Glasgow. Read here.

Now I hear that we have heightened security to panic level 3 and clampdown level is due to be increased to remove additional liberties and rejustify ID cards.

But if these guys are terrorists then the fear that they are causing is out of all proportion to their skills. These guys, with all the education they have had, can't do what kids can do all over the world. Blow things up.

But, why did they fail to blow the vehicles up in London? It seems that if they could do enough to build them and get them there then they should have been able to blow them up. Let's face it most of these home made bombs blow up without any help at all anyway. But they didn't manage it. What poor training they had. They couldn't even read books available freely off the Internet.

Then the guys in Glasgow. Jeez they would have been better just driving around running people over instead of just setting fire to their own vehicle. What were they thinking? Or more to the point were they thinking? Were they able to think?

Now I know these guys have IQs normally associated with microscopic pond life but come on. We are supposed to be at the peak of the intellectual ladder. Sounds like these guys have not even started to climb the ladder yet.

If they are all as stupid as this then I propose we just walk up to every Muslim looking guy on the street and ask them if they are going to blow themselves up in a terror attack. In addition we can get customs to ask each one as they come through. That way we should be able to account for most of them. The rest we will have to sort out the normal way via the secret squirrels.

Although they could be more of a danger to themselves. I remember a story from Uncle Fester who said that there was an FBI film about the bomb makers. Where we set up a lab and mix small amounts under controlled temperatures they mix it in a bathtub with their safety device being another muslim in the next room praying to Allah.

If there just wasn't so many of them. Now what can we do about that. Oh! We are already doing it. We are killing them in droves in Iraq and Afghanistan just need to do it faster and more effectively.

So much for the benefits of multiculturalism.


At 11:58 pm, Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Put quite interestingly.

Pessimistic, though.
Not that Blair the Middle East messiah will solve anything.

At 8:08 am, Blogger Henry Crun said...

Isn't Blair's missus a bit chummy with the Palestinians?

Does Blairs missus dislike Gordon with a passion?

Must read Macbeth again to see if this makes any sense.

At 8:44 am, Blogger Bag said...

Blair won't get anywhere really. There will be a few concessions. There always is and he will claim credit then move on leaving it a lot worse than it is already.

I've got my fingers crossed that they will find him in a vulnerable position one day.

Interesting thought Henry. Wouldn't that be something.


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