Monday, June 04, 2007

Taking DNA without consent.

Just finished reading Chris Ryan's book Ultimate Weapon. It's based around the reasons for going to war with Iraq and I quite like these sorts of stories which you don't have to think too hard about.

Anyway, in one chapter they have a sample of this guys hair and then the feed it into the big one. Big one? The one that has being secretly built up from samples taking for other purposes and sent for analysis which DNA is secretly tested and stored. I had thought about this before, a long time ago, but thought we would never keep it quiet but after the last few years where school teachers are taking fingerprints of kids and nothing is done, no big outcry, it was not so far fetched.

This was so simple that even our useless government could do it.

You visit the hospital or whatever, get blood taken which is sent to a central lab. Central lab tests blood and also extracts DNA and puts on DB. You get your results and are none the wiser. DB is only accessible to certain groups to keep the people in the know down. Classified project. Think of all the blood tests taken for all new born babies, people that visit hospital even if just for a minor scrape.

Hell, they may even have their own DNA lab. How many of these Labs are there in the UK? Do they all get processed by a central lab as well? If they need to get someones DNA just send them a Child Support form. Slapper X says you are the dad. Brilliant, not only do they provide a sample but they also have to pay for it. Can it get any better than that for these guys?

Now I'm in the situation where I actually find I believe this DB exists. Yet, have absolutely no evidence whatsoever. My thought processes are saying it must be true.

Is this how conspiracy theories start?


At 8:38 pm, Blogger Henry Crun said...

The database probably does exist, but knowing the govt's propensity for fucking up IT projects of any magnitude I doubt they could use it to serve any useful purpose.

At 9:25 pm, Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree. It almost certainly exists.


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