Thursday, June 14, 2007

New business opportunities.

Came across this article on my travels about a spy drone being used by the Merseyside Police. It got me thinking. Many, many, years ago I purchased a radio controlled helicopter with the intention of automating the controls and making them simpler, basically for people just to move the stickup and it goes up, left to go left etc. As you may be aware flying this things is not easy and takes some skill. Anyway I'm a computer person and hopeless with many other things so I never managed to control it sufficiently and the project was shelved due to lack of funding. Oh well. Look at the market now.

Back to the present, this made me think that it's time I bought a hoodie. Don't laugh. Who knows in this modern day who is watching when you walk down the street. Open a bag of crisps and one pops out on the ground. Wham! An £80 fine. The computer calculates you are walking with intent. Wham! Your face is on Crimewatch alongside Osama but displayed more prominently. But consider that with the lack of actually real coppers on the street, a hoodie or a head covering would be ideal.

I actually wonder if dropping a £50 note would generate a £80 fine as well. I have no doubt the £50 would be kept as evidence.

What else is there? A device that jams RFID tags such as those in your passports. A device to erase or destroy RFID tags. A jammer for the CCTV cameras not hard wired in. Home brewing and wine making equipment. That's the legal stuff. If I wanted to be a criminal I could go into the market for cake making, tobacconist (Just thought, it must be illegal to smoke in a tobacconists), car number plate production, passport copying. The list goes on, and on. Of course when I pop down to the local drug dealer for my cream bun I may as well pick up a Romanian sex slave, an Uzi, 20 fags and slip my change in the box marked for terrorism.

I'll stick with the legal ones, for now, these must be the next growth market in the UK. Everything else is going backwards under the guise of climate change.


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