Friday, June 08, 2007

Standards have come down.

Reading this article by Boris Johnson on the new edict on drinking from the DoH.

He says; 'For well over 45 centuries the human race has been squeezing grapes and fermenting the juice into anything between seven and 15 per cent alcohol, and so producing the ecstatic drink that has been as sacred to every pagan religion as it is to Christianity.

As a great French historian has pointed out, the vineyards of France are perhaps the single greatest cultural legacy of the Roman empire, and it is now more than two millennia since people in Britain first became aware of the intoxicating powers of wine.

In all that time, no government in history has yet thought the people so moronic that they needed to be told, on the bottle, that wine could go to your head'

Read the whole article. He is right. We should fight and not just this. Although I would say one thing which he clearly has not recognised.

He says that 'In all that time, no government in history has yet thought the people so moronic that they needed to be told, on the bottle, that wine could go to your head'. He forgot that at no time in history had people voted for a bunch like the current government. This alone shows that our collective IQ is dropping, almost daily, and by the middle of this century we shall be lucky if any of us can operate a DVD recorder. And if you doubt this just look at how many people still think Labour is doing the right thing.


At 7:01 pm, Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Next there will be warnings on crisps 'You might get fat if you eat too much'.

I'm only half joking as well...

At 8:40 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Sorry mate but you want to look at a bag of crisps. They already have warnings on them. Please watch your calorie intake. Please watch your salt intake. Of course it won't be long until the warnings have to take up 75% of the packaging.

Now we will move to warnings such as your in a few years because it won't be long before our current bunch of school leavers won't understand what calorific intake means.

At 12:17 am, Blogger Snuffleupagus said...

Your second point in the comment above undermines what you seem to be saying in the blog post: some people do in fact need warning signs and advice to keep them from falling off the edge, or indeed, from eating too many crips.

As for your disatisfaction with Labour... Is the alternative really that different, let alone better?

At 10:13 am, Blogger Bag said...

Snuffle, What I am saying is that we seem to be lowering ourselves to the point where we do need everything spelt out for us. Personally, I think it is a bad thing to move the blame for things from where it belongs to a third party. Similar to why we are leaving school lights on for vandals. Set bear traps and thin them out.

Alternative, there is an alternative. Oh you mean the Camerons clones. A few are rebelling now. By the time we get to the next election it will be different. Hopefully Cameron will be gone and we will have an alternative. Otherwise the alternative will be riots and anarchy.

At 10:39 am, Blogger Henry Crun said...

Well that's what happens when you allow Sun readers (and I use the term readers in the loosest sense possible) to vote.

At 10:41 am, Blogger Henry Crun said...

snaffleupagus: You just proved my point. Are people *that* stupid that they need warning labels on food packaging. What's next? - don't press your accelerator, you may go too fast.

There should be a warning on ballot papers - don't vote Labour they are all fuckwits.


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